Now Any Object Can Be Your Playstation Controller

Sony is cooking up something very unique technology which must prove to be very usable for the gaming lovers. It may be costly though, still it will change the way we have been playing video games for so many years.
Sony's upcoming gaming technology shall be able to change any object such as a football, bat, ball or any other real life object into your playstation controller. 

This task will be completed with the help of vast processing methods and high definition cameras built-in to your playstation device. 

Imagine taking any 3-D object and using it to control a virtual bat, a pool cue, a bowling ball -- anything -- on your PlayStation.

That's what Sony could be cooking up, according to a patent that the company filed earlier this year. The patent was initially discovered by technology firm SmartUp Legal.

The new patent filing shown below shows a Sony motion controller system that maps everyday objects, such as “coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc.”, into motion controllers. 
It’s a revolutionary concept that would not only reduce costs for the end user, but manufacturing costs on Sony’s end as well. 

It’s pretty much the lowest-risk business model anyone in the game industry could ask for.

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