Mumbai chaiwalas are now online : A Unique Success

Internet has been a place of selling and buying traditional things like shoes, clothes, electronics, watches, accessories and many more. But when things like Indian Paan and Chai (tea) joins the list, it really means that something unprecedented is going to happen.

Recently an online selling platform company called Zoe decided to the same. Everyday thousands of Tea-Makers around the city of mumbai do their business seamlessly without getting tired and taking a break.

Zoe decided organize all the tea-stalls to connect online and take the orders online. is the name of the website where you can book your Tea Order online and get the delivery in no-time. As a tea-stall connected with this portal nearby your location would be doing it for you.

have a look at what and how things took place.

S p o n s o r ed L i n k

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