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IMRB is a industry leader in Market Research and Consumer Empowerment. With the ever growing reach of internet IMRB has With over 1200 full time staff, IMRB International provides high quality conceptualization, strategic thinking, execution and interpretation skills. IMRB International is the only research company in India that offers such a wide range of research based services to its clients.

Specialized areas of IMRB International includes consumer market research both quantitative and qualitative, industrial market research, business to business market research, social and rural market research, media research, retail research, and consumer panels.
Features of IMRB : What you stand to gain? 
  • Get free Mobile Recharge every month based on monthly logins 
  • A chance to win in a raffle every month 
  • Refer a friend and you get a chance to win additional benefits if your friend activates the application 

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