A PC that can 'smell' : IBMS's new innovation

Think about a computer that can smell the numerous odors available in the environment, just like a human. IBM's new initiative and innovation has made it true. With this latest innovation the future PCs shall have inbuilt smell devices and an algorithm that can distinguish thousands of different types of smell. With this invention the machine approach towards the human has gone one step further. 

Touch sense was the earlier innovation and a lot of multitouch senses were discovered with multiple companies at their personal levels and now all of them are pretty much popular since they give us more fluidity and flexibility to handle a computing device like mobile, tablets and so on. 

Profit of Smell Sense into a PC :

“Not only will it make healthy foods more palatable — it will also surprise us with unusual pairings of foods actually designed to maximize our experience of taste and flavor,” the computing giant said.

“In the case of people with special dietary needs such as individuals with diabetes, it would develop flavors and recipes to keep their blood sugar regulated, but satisfy their sweet tooth.”

IBM predicted that in the next five years, tiny sensors embedded in computers or cell phones will detect if someone is coming down with a cold or other illness, by analyzing odors, biomarkers and thousands of molecules in someone’s breath.

These tools will also help doctors diagnose and monitor the onset of ailments such as liver and kidney disorders, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy, according to the IBM report.

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