Wi-Fi Repeater Setting Up Problems and Best Solution : Step by Step

We all are connected to the internet and each others commuter with the help of routers with the modes of either wired or the wireless (wifi connectivity). Today we will look into the problems and solution which is related to wifi connection that we have at our home or office. The problem is the low signal strength of a wifi connection. So what are the solution to boost the range or the strength of our wifi connection that can allow us to roam inside our home or office premises without loosing the connection with super signal power. 

Use a Wireless Repeater and Add it to your Wifi Router :
Wifi routers has its own limitation, no matter how costly our router is. N300 and N600 routers are popular with the properties of their wider reach and signal strength but yet they does not give you the guarantee to provide custom range booster. This problem can easily be came over with the help off wifi extender which we call "Repeaters".

Repeaters are available in the market independently in the form of plug and play (like mosquito-killer devices that we have in our homes). You just need to buy a repeater from tech shops nearby or online and plug into the wall socket of your room at place where it can catch your preent routers signal fairly. Then it will be in extending those signal to the much longer distance. 

Repeater function is also available in most of the wifi-routers as a add-on function that we don't use in general. So if you have an old wifi router which is not coming in your current use, you can use it like a repeater also. 

How to Setup Wifi Router as a Router: 
Since every wireless router is different, I am going to speak in fairly general terms. It shouldn't be that much of a challenge to translate these general terms into that which can be applied to your specific routers.

Let's make sure we know exactly what we are doing:
  • Adding two wireless access points (Wireless Routers) using the same SSID so that wireless coverage
    • Our both routers need to have the same SSID name so that our devices can switch over from one router to another according to its nearby distance. By doing this will not have to switch manually again and again. 
  • Set up wireless security on both routers.
    • This is very important step. We will have to setup security on both the routers in same way, and it should "WEP" (Wired Equivalent Privacy only. Since repeater function do not allow WPS PSK, AES, TKIP and all other security modes that we use in general in our wifi routers. WEP is simple and easy to setup. It asks us encryption length either 64 or 128 bits longer. Better we choose 64-bit and specify  a key/password in the next vacant box. Key can be a group of characters between '0-9' and 'a-f'. Important thing is the keep the security setting similar in both the routers including this key/password value. 
  • Set up routers such that there are no DHCP or channel conflicts.
    • DHCP is a function available on all the routers that allocates an unique IP address to our all devices connected to it automatically. We will have to switch this function off on the router that we are using as a repeater. 

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