Things Indian mwmen are shy doing of

Indian women are considered most shy in the world. it has widely been noticed that they are extraordinary shy discussing very normal things even in the modern world. However they may discuss sensitive things with their female mate but when it comes to a male friend or partner, they find themselves seriously uncomfortable.

Many women who are highly educated and are living in the metro cities, even they are hesitate to talk about things like sex. In India shyness is seen as a ornament to women. And if they do want to discuss any such topics, they often use body signs like eye-movements. So here we are listing things which they find hard to talk about :

  1. Buying a Sanitary Napkin from market.
  2. Lack of toilets keeps them away from ultra necessary things like education and schools. 
  3. Selling Condoms : Health Planning Commission in India organized a scheme in which women volunteers were asked to distribute condoms free by visiting remote areas in the country home to home. But it could not take the start as female volunteers why shy as hell even spelling the word 'condom'
  4. Periods and Indian Girls : Period are very normal things related to women health and proper care is necessary for they healthy progress and life. But in India girls themselves take it as a thing to laugh and fun rather than seriousness. This is highly a matter of shyness and hesitation. 
  5. Cant Talk Sex : Indian women are worst sex partners. They dont even talk this with their partner i.e. husband in most cases. They feel shy about it. Women are not able to say No even when they are in Periods and dedicate themselves to their husbands which harms their whole health. 
  6. Hesitation to adopt Contraceptive Pills

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