10 Interesting Facts About Woman-Breast

Woman breast has always been a point of attraction for all males for generations. Doesn't matter how beautiful a girl is with her face and features, a male obviously prone to stare her upper curves (breast) more than anything else. Here we are going to put ten very interesting facts that you miht have never thought about woman curves : 

  1. Buys Big Size Bra : According to the survey conducted by Lingerie Retailer Intimacy, 48% women buys 1-2 inches bigger size bras than their breasts.
  2. Left Breast Bigger : Scientists have proved that left breast is always bigger in size than the right one. 
  3. Not Satisfied with their Breast Size : International Journal of Sexual Health surveys tells us that 70% girls are never satisfied with their breast size. 
  4. Way to get Erect :  Most girls  says that they get erect in sex only while been touched at their breasts. 
  5. Breast Surgery : In 2012, a aprox. 286000 girls got their breast surged to look more beautiful in USA. In India a girls can get this surgery at Delhi, Mumbai & Bengluru at a cost of only Rs. 40-50K.
  6. Breast implant & Suicide Attempt : Study conducted by Lawal University of canada tells us that girls who gets their breast implanted are 73%  more  prone to suicide attempt. 
  7. Myth behind Milk Feeding : This has been a  historical myth in girls that the woman with smaller breast do not generate enough milk for their child's feeding. In fact there is no difference at all. 
  8. Poor-Rich and Breasts : famous magazine Psychology reveals that poor males likes girls with bigger breast where richer guys attracts towards smaller breasts. 
  9. Urban Girls and Breast Cancer : A WHO Study reveals that urban women have more chances to have breast cancer than rural women. 
  10. Situation in India : In India 50 percent girls comes to know about their cancer when it has already reached to 3rd or 4th stage. In other words when they have gone to death more neared already. 

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