Men staring women : what do they really look at?

We all know that all men are quite interested in staring at a woman, no matter who she is? It is a habit for centuries associated with man. Staring at girl and producing comments is not a new thing but a study conducted by an American University reveals new facts. It tells us that what really a man seriously look at when stares at a girl or a woman. 

This study tells us vice versa side of the thing... i.e. what do girls look at when they stare at a man. 

Men spends very little time staring at face and eyes of a girl. They look at lower part of the body more. 
Woman's breast and nearby part of the lower back at more watched by man. 

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  1. The following news item may be of interest to women who feel men are staring at them too much.

    Apple Does It Again!

    Apple Computer announced today
    that it has developed
    a computer chip that can store
    and play high fidelity music
    in women's breast implants.

    The iTit will cost between
    $499.00 and $699.00
    depending on speaker size.

    This is considered to be a major breakthrough,
    because women have always complained
    about men staring at their breasts
    and not listening to them.

  2. Men are staring to women to look the whole part of women's body, especially to the part of the women's body which completely look hot/sexy..And if they find the girl pretty and sexy they try to get the girl's attention and on this state men are not just staring at them they look seductively and give a cute smile so that the girl finds the boy attractive.



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