Google Chromebook : Should you buy it or not?

Google chromebook, the much talked google version of PC is now in India too. These non-expensive smart computers are Intel Celeron processor based units and unique in style too. Being in India you can buy it from flipkart where rest of world is doing it from 

That said, you’ll have to pay a nice premium to get your hands on one of these Chromebooks in India. The Acer 720 retails at $240 on Amazon while the price in India is $370 or 50% more. HP’s 14″ Chromebook is $300 in US but will be available here for $435.

I have been using the Chromebook for several months now and while it is a decent machine for browsing the web – sleek, lightweight, feels solid – the battery life and performance isn’t great especially when streaming web videos. The laptop doesn’t look “cheap” but it does feel under-powered. The new Chromebook models hopefully have improved in this area.

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