How to become an advanced facebook user and Make Money from it

Facebook is now going to pay its user for performing any kind of activity being online at it. The all you need is become an Advanced Facebook user first. And from then on you will receive USD $1 for every single activity you perform or action you take on your facebook account being online from mobile or from your PC. 

What is a Facebook Advanced User?
A facebook advance user is one who makes most of its features and use them frequently to  get the best out of facebook social networking service. For example if you are uploading pics frequently, using https secure facebook browsing instead of standard browsing, tagging your friends time to time and get tagged from them as well, using multiple versions of facebook such as mobile, android and windows pc etc, regularly update your profile and security serttings such as notifications, passwords, work and study status etc. 

How Much You earn from facebook
currently you can earn $1 for each activity that you perform as an advanced facebook user.

How to become advanced facebook user?
Currently there is no form or registration process to become or get registered as a advanced facebook user but you can get an invitation from facebook itself with a link that enables you to become one. To boost you chances of getting this advanced user invitation email you got to be really advanced for it. by trying below actions you may reach this goal :
  • Access facebook chat from your desktop with installing facebook plugin.
  • Go to your account preferences settings and make sure you have checked all fields currectly.
  • Strong up your security settings.
  • Login frequently on facebook, multiple times in a day.
  • Login using https.

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  1. join me .... if you want to become advanced facebook user :)



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