Have you protected your Valuable Computer Data? Do Now.

"Hard Copies are always safer than soft ones." A very popular phrase in the computer world but not so true in the world of mozy. Yeah. Its Mozy Time.

I have secured my all valuable, impossible to re-build data online with just few clicks. And I am proud to be a mozy user. 
I have more than 16GB of photos, videos, spreadsheets, legal documents, music files and some of my very very personal stuff. Earlier i used to keep the safe in optical drives but it was combursome to re-write the drives again and again with every single MB of extra data produced in my daily life. 

Then i come to know about Mozy. Mozy made my life easier. 

I am consuming 20 GB of Mozy online backup space Now. Its easiest thing for me now. I can delete whatever i want to delete, add new stuff whenever i want and also can use it anywhere in the world. But the best thing is that my all important data is safe now. 

Features of Mozy Online Backup : 
  • Its highly safe, use multiple servers to keep our data safe.
  • Very affordable, starting from $10.
  • More scalable data safety + backup.
  • One can choose plan of his own interest.
  • Brings new technology time to time to avoid technologically backwardness. 

S p o n s o r ed L i n k

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