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A Review on Electric Yoga Clothes for Women
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yoga clothe for womenI’m so excited to continue to find amazing new yoga clothing options, but I’m bursting at the seams over this one!  Bright colors, kick ass designs, comfort and durability all in one company – Christmas came early this year ladies and gentlemen.  It’s time to start stocking up, for you and for all the yogis in your life.  You could go to the same store as everyone else this year, or you could go to a magical place with fresh ideas and designs that will have your friends springing up from their mats to ask you where you got your yoga clothes.  Electric Yoga is killing it out on the west coast.  This company is pulling out all the stops to bring you great clothing, bags, outerwear and more.
Electric Yoga is creating innovative yoga clothing that’s both stylish and functional. I love practicing in my bra and tank combo top and my no -slip yoga pants with built in grips.  They’re like yoga pants and socks in one!  Both the top and pants are ideal.  They fit true to form and don’t slip or move around on you as you practice.  Which is great because you don’t want to be distracted during your practice because of your clothing.  That’s almost as bad as a slippery mat or a headband that won’t stay in place.  The material that these clothes are made out of is insane – you can feel the durability when you wear them.  They wick away moisture like it’s their job – oh, it is their job!
Not all yoga clothing is created equal.  Black Dog Asana works to seek out the best clothing companies to bring to our readers and its a tall order.  Electric Yoga fits the bill and then some.  Electric Yoga is creating awesome designs that fill wishes or desires that you didn’t even know you had.  Their stuff is so unique and well made you’ll never have to worry about half your yoga studio showing up with the same top or pants or about your clothing breaking down.  This stuff is just amazing.
I also have to say thank you to Electric Yoga.  When my puppy – the Black Dog of Black Dog Asana got sick over Thanksgiving and had to go to the E.R. I was so thankful that I had a top and bra combo that I could pull on and not have to worry about quickly finding clothing to pull on.  It’s something small, but it made a difference that day and Murphy and I are very thankful.

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