Dust Free Laptop : How to guide

Keeping a laptop or a desktop computer dust free has always been a hectic issue since as we all know, the whole internal parts inside a computer are electrical charged and works very much like a magnet. This electro magnet power attracts every small part of dust and all other things sinking in the air and eventually you PC or a laptop becomes a host for dust and spider nets. 

How dust harms and affects your lovely PC or a Laptop : 
  • Clogs vents (fans, heat sinks, power supplies, etc.) which leads to over heating and eventually hardware failures.
  • Dust can hold moisture, moisture can cause short circuits, which means you can say goodbye to the computer eventually.
  • Laptops often overheat due to dust clogged in it's CPU heat sink.
Where does dust come from into your PC/laptop
  • Plants
  • Animals' hair
  • Road dust
  • factory products
  • wood particals
How to Prevent dust to get into your PC

  • Don't expose your system to harsh environments like in the above list.
  • Don't smoke at or around the computer. Smoking is the worst for killing a computer prematurely.
  • Keep the computer off the floor and preferably away from carpet or dust collecting areas.
  • Keep the computer away from forced air heating or air conditioning.
  • Install an air filter into or around the computer. Alternative a computer could be installed into a controlled environment (clean room, very expensive.
  • Keep animals away (Typically next to impossible with cats and dogs.)
If still your PC/Laptop get enough dust into it to give your mind some headache, I will prefer you to try this dust blower product. I am sure you will forget all the dust problem again for forever. 

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