Why do we need a eco friendly world?

Last twelve years and world is anxiously looking ahead to a solution to get rid of this vital/monstrous problem of eco-safety. Everyone seems to way ahead serious on this issue now where in early nineties only books use to talk about this. Internet community can play a vital role in finding a solution. Me and You are also a part of this process. Lets bring some points which can help the Policy Makers to design a frame where everyone can breath freely and fairly without much conditions. 

What can be a solution
I am leaving it to you. lets post some important points. i will summaries them and put infront of you later.

You can use the comment box given below for your worthy points.

Please start posting.


The Startup Genome, a research firm which collects data on what makes start-ups successful has recently released a list of the Top 25 startup ecosystems in the world. Bangalore, at number nine is in the top 10, and Mumbai at number 20 is the other city, that carries the flag for India in the elite list.

S p o n s o r ed L i n k

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