career in song-writing

Building a Successful Lyric Writing or Songwriting Career
"Reach your goal of becoming a Professional Lyrics Writer."

Detailing career paths open to professional lyrics writers & Songwriters, including potential income, possible problems and creative solutions.
Earning a Professional Living in the Music Industry

There are many ways to earn a living by writing lyrics & songs, but competition is very tough, especially in the information age.

Here are some careers you should consider. Since these aren't typical '9-to-5' jobs, I can't give specific estimate of yearly earnings.

So instead, incomes will be represented as percentages.

As a Singer/Songwriter, you write lyrics, sing and compose your melody, and look to find financial success as a performer.This career option is probably the most popularly pursued of all, and yet traditionally it's been most difficult to achieve.

  • Income - Contract Based on Sales & Performance:
  • Sales (10-15% profit, before taxes)
  • Live Performances (up to 70% profit, before taxes)

Simple Example:250,000 units sold = $3,000,000
You take approx. $36,000

Tour Income = $50,000
You take approx. $35,000

...$71,000 for solo artist before taxes. If you're a band, divide this number by the number of members in your group.

There's also lyric writing profit...usually split between you and publishing company.
Royalty Agreement (average)
50% Mechanical Royalties - Whenever your CD is copied for distribution
50% Performance Royalties - Each time anyone sings your lyrics

Possible Problems:
'The A&R Gateway' is your biggest obstacle - "Artists & Repertoire" (A&R) is a department in record companies that scouts for new artist - usually this job is given to former (or existing) artists or industry professionals. They're the bridge between you and a record company until you sign a recording deal.

The A&R judges your talent as a creative artist and potential performer.


Your value must be built as someone who can sell records in the eyes of the A&R before companies will invest in you, so start writing lyrics and building your fan base, and label relationships.
Learn to make great songs and put together a great demo to give to these companies. Get my Lyric Writing strategy below to continue writing lyrics, composing & recording your songs.

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