Things you can do beside Building Good Content

Everyone is curious to know and explore how he/she can make his/her blog the famous one. One that is loved by search engines. People do not know your blog's name, what they know is a term, a phrase that is going to solve their search in he best way. Search engine gets this term and starts googling the world of content, good content, better content. If you are a blogger and wanting to know how your content can be loved by a search engine, just follow these few basic but hard to find rules.
  • Keep your Blog-Post title short and understandable. (for both human and machine).
  • Like a good speaker and writer, your article must never miss the theme of it. 
  • The Base Keyword of your post should be repeated once in a 20 words or to be precise 5 times in every 100 words. 
  • Take a note of below picture, its a Google keyword Tool's Snapshot.

  • Click on the link that says "Global Monthly Searches" until it orders the keywords from lowest to highest volume.
  • Anything greater than 1,000 is fine, you just might need to do a little of your own link building before you'll get the "Free" search engine exposer we're aiming for with these lower, usually less competitive keywords.
  • After finishing the Long Trail Keyword Search, you can easily put these keywords into your article and post headline.
  • These are all proven facts and can make difference in stats of your blog/website. 
Leave your comments if you find it knowledge and suggest more ideas in the comment box given below. 

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