Go Vegetarian : Its not just a habit but a necessity

Human being is a vegetarian creature by nature. World Health Organization has said that many times in its announcements. various scientific reports have also concludes the same result with valid facts. But yet there is not a significant approach have been put under to reduce or stop animal killing just to fulfill our stomach needs. 

Are we really Vegetarian by nature?
Ye we are. Its Proven.

Health benefits of being a Vegetarian
Scientific endeavors in the area of vegetarianism have shifted from concerns about nutritional adequacy to investigating health benefits and disease prevention

Benefits to Animals.
I have a video which will make you think if you are eating non-vegetarian products (even eggs or milk).

Video shows how the animals are being treated, violated and beaten till death. You may found it ultra-violation but its truth. Reality behind your food table is something which you can get introduced with this video. 

Now, if you are really a human being and have some passion for humanity, I am sure you will take it seriously. Its not a request, Its not a suggestion but its a necessity that requires your support. 

Be the voice of these voiceless animals, go Veg and inspire your community, your friends to do the same. Thanks for reading, I am signing off here. Leave your worthily comments. We need it too. 

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