Blogger Legacy Account : Final Warning : How to Solve the Problem

Whats the Problem :
An email that has been spread out by google to all its blogger account holders whoes blogs have been coming under the legacy problem. Legacy is a term which is used in computer language for old and unused data, software, hardware space etc. which can create problem may ways like : scraping a computer service, forcing computer to take more time, eating useful space for no use. Same problem is with the google blogging service. since we all know that Google Blogs are free to create and run, there are millions of blogs and reserved blog names, blog accounts which are not being updated for a long time. Eating time and money and more inportantly useful space.

Solution :
Just login to this link and claim your blog which is falling under the legacy. Some users are compaining that the google is not accepting the user name and tellign it to be incorrect.

In that case you might use this link which will guide you to a google form asking you two types of information. Choose the best one that suits you, I prefer you type down one of your blog name and go ahead. You will get an email from blogger support giving you instruction of how you can login to use your that purticular blog. In addition to this informaion you also get a list of all your blogs.

Just make sure that the list contains all your blogs. If all the blogs are there in the list, you dont have to worry at all. Your account and all your blogs are safe from the next big ction google is going to take in improving blogger.

Have a nice day.

S p o n s o r ed L i n k

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