Blue Ray Player @ $49 Only

Does it still make sense to own a Blu-ray player? Depends.

Do you own a 3D-capable TV? Do you not own a Roku box? Do you still like to rent or buy movies that come on shiny silver platters? Then I'd say yes, a Blu-ray player is just the thing.

Like this one: Today only, and while supplies last, Tech.Woot has the refurbished Samsung BD-EM59C Blu-ray player for $49.99, plus $5 for shipping. I've seen Blu-ray players that low before, but not with this feature set.

Specifically, the BD-EM59C does more than spin Blu-ray discs and up-scale DVDs. It also supports 3D Blu-rays, which are actually pretty fun if you have a compatible TV. I do, and we've watched movies like "Life of Pi" and "Madagascar 3" in 3D. Pretty slick! And when "Gravity" makes it way to Blu-ray, you can bet I'll be owning a 3D copy of that. (In the meantime, check out my post on where to find 3D movies to watch at home.)

The player also has built-in Wi-Fi and Samsung's Smart Hub, which allow for Roku-style streaming from a wide range of services: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, YouTube, and so on. It supports DLNA, too, so you can stream stuff from your PC or phone. This makes it a pretty decent media hub even if you don't spin a lot of discs.

That said, most home-theater enthusiasts will tell you that for the absolute best picture and sound, Blu-ray is the only way to go. So whether you're building a theater from scratch or just looking for a Blu-ray upgrade, it's hard to beat a player that does it all for just $50. And the user reviews on Samsung's product page are solid for this model, which is unusual because a lot of Blu-ray players tend to get trashed.

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