Underage Prostitution : Can we help to stop it?

Everyday 40 underage girls (15 years or lesser) are forced in the dirty business of prostitution. Number of rapes are rapidly increasing in the country and even the big names are also coming under the police-scanner for in several cases. 

An Youtube video is going viral these days. It is just 2 minute video. Video has been produced by an organization working for the betterment of children in the country. This is being shared and liked worldwide by a large number of people through facebook, twitter and other social networks. 

Video illustrates a girl child who is finding her very inconvenient in the city traffic crossing a road. With big effort she succeeds to cross the road. During this several people eyes at her in several different ways. At the end she stops in front of the front door of an SUV inside which a man was sitting on the driving seat. She gets inside the car. He gives her a chocolate. and afterwards starts his sexual activities towards her. 

Watch the video yourself and heal the grieve of emotions in your heart. 

S p o n s o r ed L i n k

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  1. It is a matter of global concern. Stiffer penalty be mated on culprits to serve as deterrent to others.



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