Chromebook's ususal issues and problems

Chromebook is a new wave 2013 and sales are growing but the most shocking thing is that amount of issues arising are more in numbers than sales.
  • Here i am describing popular issues with google chromebook and user experiences to them. 
  • Charging helped, as the Chromebook eventually did boot, but not without me holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds (which I learned by searching for help online using my phone).
  • Eventually, my friends shared their Wi-Fi password, and I was able to get into Chrome completely. When a Chromebook has an Internet connection, you can use Google Docs/Drive and Gmail and many other Web apps, such as Evernote, in the Chrome browser. I don't mind working online one bit, but my lifestyle apparently isn't so predictable that I know I'll have a Wi-Fi connection at all times.
  • When I finally did have a chance to fully explore the Chrome OS, I found one preinstalled offline app that turned out to be what I used more than any other, called Scratchpad. I started using this app because I just couldn't rely on an app that required Internet connectivity, and most of the others did—if not during use, then at least for setup. For example, you can enable Google Drive to partially work offline, but you need to be connected to configure it, and I wanted something that would work offline no matter what. Scratchpad was the only pre-installed app that fit my needs.
  • Scratchpad is a simple text editor, more elegant than the Notes app you'll find on iOS, but not as robust as Evernote, which has tags and organizational controls.
  • At this point, I had at least figured out my basic strategy for working during this particular trip (which was now half over): compose using Scratchpad when offline, and copy and paste to the app I really wanted later. Clearly, I'd figure out a better way later, but with limited time to learn all the ins and outs (it was Thanksgiving, remember), this would do.

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