what will replace yahoo messenger

Another Bad News from Yahoo. Yahoo is going to close its public chat rooms from Dec. 14th 2012. Millions of online users use to start their chatting habits with yahoo public chat rooms and keep using it for hours long. Yahoo is the biggest public chat room space of internet and perhaps bear the load of vast online chat activity as well. 

What are yahoo public chat rooms :
Chat rooms are a great place to meet and communicate with friends who share your interests. You'll find chat rooms for a world of topics from entertainment to sports, to politics and pop culture. Liven up your chats with emoticons and custom fonts.

OovoO messenger is the best and fastest growing instant messenger on the web right now and possess a long list of public chat rooms which is certainly a big one that yahoo messenger public chat rooms. I advice people to use OovoO Messenger once and give you guarantee that you wont miss yahoo public chat rooms any longer.

What are the other options?
Paltalk messenger is the another option that we can try. Paltalk is also a very rich publich chat room instant messenger that surely would make you feel the same luxury as yahoo have been doing. 

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