How to Add Links in your YouTube Videos

Before you can embed links in your YouTube videos, you need to associate your websites with your YouTube channel (in case you haven’t done it before).
Sign-in to your Google Webmasters account and click the site name that you would like to associate with YouTube. Then go to Configuration -> Associates -> Add New User and enter the email address that is associate with your YouTube channel. Now your website is linked to your YouTube account.
Once the account is verified, open any of YouTube videos and click the “Annotations” link to create and edit annotations for that video. Here you’ll see a banner that says “Enable your account for external annotation links” – click the “Enable” button and you are all set to create annotations to external websites now.
While you are inside the Annotations edition, click the Add annotation button to create a new annotation and choose between Speech Bubbles, Notes, Spotlight or Label. Select the “Link” checkbox, choose “Associated Website” from the drop-down and paste the URL. Publish and you’re done.

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