Transferring Pictures from Memory Card to Computer/Laptop

Transferring your snaps or the pictures from digital camera to your computer device (a deskto computer or a laptops one) is quite easy. Just follow these below mentioned steps :

  1. Pull back your memory card from the digi cam by pressing it down gently.
  2. Place this memory card into your computer's internal card reader or the external card reader which is connected on USB port. If you don't have a card, you can buy it online at any computer store, it costs around $10.
  3. On windows computers you automatically see a window appearing on your middle of the screen askign you to choose he method to see the pictures. Simply select 'Open Folder'.
  4. Here you might see all the photographs directly or you might need to go deeper crossing few folders. It variants from type of your camera functions and models.
Any problem ?
If above steps does not allow you get the desired action, them i am sure there is something wrong with your windows. 

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