Connect Apple's magic Trackpad with your Windows PC

Apple has developed a latest hardware that can replace a need of mouse on computer system, no matter whether it's a laptop one or a desktop one. It's called Magic Trackpad. Is a sleek and rich looking hardware. Cost somewhere around only $60. 

The multi-touch enabled Magic Trackpad has no buttons but you can tap anywhere on its large surface to click or double-click. You can use two fingers to scroll pages while swiping with four fingers will let you switch between open applications.

Though is it clearly mentioned on the brochure of the product that the hardware has been only designed for a MAC Computer and not for a windows based pc. Yet our research shows that it work on a windows pc a finer as it does on a Mac one. Don't know why Apple wants to keep the sales limited  of this unique product.

How to Install Magic Trackpad on Windows (without Boot Camp)
Step 1: Download this patch (available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit) from the Apple website but don’t run it yet. It’s an executable file but it won’t run on your Windows Desktop since it is intended only for users who are running Windows inside a Mac desktop using Boot Camp.
Step 2. Download a copy of 7-zip and extract the contents of the exe file that you’ve downloaded in the previous step.
Step 3. This will create a new file called “BootCampUpdate32.msp” – extract the contents of this file as well using 7-zip again.
Step 4. You’ll now have several sub-folders that are named like BootCamp3135*. One of these folders will have a file called “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin” – just add a .exe extension to this file and then double-click to run it.
By following above steps you can make your magic trackpad run on your windows based pc without needing the boot camp. 

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