What wildlife adoption program is the best one to donate to?

The biggest organization with regards to helping the wildlife is the World Wildlife Fund, backed by the UNITED NATIONS. It aims to conserve and preserve our ecology and above all, protect the endangered species. The focus of the organization is varies in areas since each areas has different needs. For example, in China they help Panda, in the Philippines, they help the biggest eagles in the world, the PHILIPPINE EAGLE, in the Arctic they help the polar bears and many others.

Choosing the organization can be of wide range, and it depends on your disposition of what organization to help. But then, giving money is just half the fun, try to help and reach our yourself in order for you to feel and see that you have really contributed to the environment and wildlife, and also you can have a direct hold of your money.

Charity sent to wildlife organization is one of the best way to utilize your extra money (if you have any). It not only delivers to animals life but in return it gives back a lot to humanity itself.

More than 80% charity given to wildlife goes to WWF. 

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