Apple's 'Resolutionary" after IPAD

Apple has always given the computer industry something special. Special in terms of design, special in terms of technology. After IPOD, iTune and IPAD apple has started its work in the direction of High Resolution device, which is very much same looking in terms of IPAD but surely richer in features. 

The name has been choosed "Resolutionary", very much according to the prime feature resolution. 

During the new iPad launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook pretty much put the company's rep on the line, promising a good deal of innovation in the post-Jobs, post-PC era: "Only Apple could deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful, integrated way. It's what we love to do. It's what we stand for. Across the year, you're going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation. We are just getting started.". 

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